How to Build and Make and Create Backlinks How to Build Quality Backlinks To Blog

Jasa Backlink Murah - SEO ( search engine optimization) is always associated with backlinks . What is a backlink ? I try to define backlinks according to my understanding ; basically , backlink or linkback is a link or a link from a website to another website , in other words a website providing recommendations to the user should visit the website for other. Jasa Backlink Permanen

So what we aim to build backlinks ? The ultimate goal is to make our website more popular in the eyes of search engines , such as . Websites or blogs that have a lot of quality backlinks usually will get special attention from the search engines , and search engines will place your website / blog on the main page of search results for certain keywords . How to build and create quality backlinks to your blog ?

Ok , here are some ways to build and create quality backlinks to your blog or website our business :

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1 . Through Social Bookmarking Sites

The initial idea is a social bookmarking site that allows users to save URLs or links from sites that they like so you can easily find when trying to recall . In its development , the social bookmarking site widely used by SEO experts to help popularize a web page in search engines .

Search engines like Google are also exploring the pages of social bookmarking is to find web pages that are stored by internet users . And of course this will affect the search results in the search engines .

2 . Through Article Directory

Article directory is often used for marketing activities and build backlinks . We can build backlinks from article directory sites by creating quality articles and then be submitted to article directory sites . Many article directories are very popular at this time , for English as , , etc. , while for the Indonesian as , , and others.

3 . through Blogwalking

Blogwalking are activities visit other blogs and leave comments and we can leave the URL the comments posted on our website . There are two advantages of blogwalking activities , the first is we get a backlink , and the second is a direct visit of the blog owner and other people who commented on the blog .

Which is very important for us to remember is to give good comments and not arbitrary order not to be considered spam by the blog owner . Prior to leaving comments on blogs you should read the article , then please leave a comment that is associated with the article . Do not provide original commentary , such as " Good article , thanks yes " , " pertamax gan " , " Waw just knew ya" , and other comments that are too short .

4 . Becoming a Guest Blogger

Being a guest blogger on a blog that has been established is one very powerful way to make your blog popular fast . We can be a writer on another blog - of course with the permission of the owner of the blog - and then we post articles that are good and in accordance with the existing topic in the blog . In the biography of the author introduces himself and we can also put a link to the website / blog , two benefits at once ; backlinks and visitors as well .

5 . Through Signature Forum

Currently, many forums that can be found on the Internet , ranging from the forum gamers , publishers , until entrepreneurs forum . One of the most famous forum is , various topics discussed in this forum . addition , the forum is very well known is the ads - id , which is the publisher of the forum in Indonesia.

Ads - forum members are verified and donors are given the facility to attach a signature where the signature would look at every post that we send in the forum . Put up a link to our web / blog in the signature section would provide an advantage for us , namely quality backlinks and also visistor of the forum .

Some recommended forums that allow signature links and dofollow : : Indonesian online discussion forum : Forum discussion and trading : Forum For orginizer events and general topics : Forum on

6 . Through Social Media

Backlinks from social media sites is a very high quality backlinks , for example backlinks from twitter , google plus , and facebook . Although usually backlinks from social media sites are nofollow , search engines like google still take it into account .

Besides backlink of course we will also get visitors from our friends or followers on social media . Therefore, should any web / blog that we build must have their own social media accounts , such as Facebook fan page and twitter account . With so many friends or followers on social media websites would be very easy to create a web / blog became popular , of course, we also need to be active in social media .

7 . Via Press Release

Backlinks from websites press release is qualified backlinks , other than that a press release is potentially provide traffic on our web / blog . If I look at the not so popular in Indonesia using press releases for website promotion activities and to build backlinks , typically only used by large companies . In contrast to overseas , press release sites is very often used for promotional activities and build backlinks a website , be it for small , medium , and large companies .

8 . Through Web 2.0

In addition to create a blog for free , Web 2.0 is also often used for activities to bring up backlinks . And of course the backlinks of Web 2.0 is very effective in our SEO activities for an average of Web 2.0 is a high authority in the search engines , in other words, Web 2.0 already trusted by search engines .

Some Web 2.0 is often used for building backlinks is ; . , , , , , , and much more . More detail you can see his list here .

Actually there are several ways to build backlinks for your web / blog , and will be discussed in the next article . If you have a different way or have any input on strategies to build backlinks please provide feedback via comments below


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